Markwood Mushrooms

Markwood Mushrooms is a multi-generational agri-business with a passion for fresh food and the land from which it grows. Our founders are John Ward, data scientist, Roni Beauchamp, a CEO for an NFP, Adam Beauchamp, a panel beater turned farmer and Emma Beauchamp, a photographer and enthusiastic foodie.

John’s vision of applying AI to growing mushrooms spawned the idea of Markwood Mushrooms and with Adam’s agricultural skills, that vision is now a reality.

We grow Lions Mane, Coral Tooth, Chestnut mushrooms and a rainbow of Oyster mushroom varieties. We are dedicated to producing a healthier, kinder and more sustainable food source for humanity. We aspire to develop an improved agriculture system that aims to optimise mushroom production by prioritising minimal human interference.

Contact Details

Emma Beauchamp

Markwood-Everton Road, Markwood, Victoria, 3678

0400 896 775

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