Buck’s Hill Farm and Pantry

Buck’s Hill Farm is nestled at the gateway to the Warby Ovens National Park in Killawarra, Victoria. Kristy and Rob harvest early raspberries, boysenberries and strawberries in the spring, followed by apricots, cherries and stone fruit in summer. Chillies, capsicums, cherry tomatoes and onions are harvested from our veggie patch for our savoury preserves. Autumn brings apples and pears with citrus available over winter. We also wild harvest, figs, quinces, persimmon and passion fruit-seasonally. We focus on bringing our best tree ripe fruit to customers in 100% recyclable packaging.

When we have an abundance of fruit and berries, we make preserves and condiments- they range from traditional family favourites: Raspberry or Apricot Jam, to Granny’s Tomato Sauce and Rob’s Plum Sauce. Our cheese platter specialities include Spiced Pear, Black Raspberry & Gin, and Strawberry & Prosecco Paste. For a mixed grazing board (or a sandwich) we have a range of Chutneys and Relishes and Rob’s Pickled Onions. For a walk on the wild side we suggest Three Chilli Chutney or Rob’s Green Chilli Sauce.

We are always up for a chat, and love to hear how our produce has been used and what culinary creations you have made. Bon Appetite!

Contact Details

Kristy Buck and Robert Buck

237-243 Warby Tower Rd, Killawarra, Vic 3678.

Made @ Quercus Kitchen- 26 Ford St. Beechworth

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