Stallholder Information

Please submit your stallholder or new product or service through our website only. We are unable to accept forms submitted via sms or Facebook Messenger.

You must provide with your application:

  • A valid ABN
  • Public Liability insurance document or certificate of currency
  • relevant certificates e.g. foodtrader
  • All products and services must be approved before listing at the market

Applications are reviewed by our committee following a set of criteria to assess your fit for Albury Wodonga Farmers Market.  We are a committee of volunteers, but we endeavour to assess applications quickly.

The committee has final say on all stallholder approvals to attend the market.

Albury Wodonga Farmers’ Market has four main categories of stalls:

  1. Fresh-grown produce (e.g. fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, herbs, plants, flowers, mushrooms, nuts, berries)
  2. Home-made produce (e.g. bread, cake, biscuits (for humans or dogs), wine/alcohol, cheese, jams/relishes, pasta)
  3. Ready-to-eat food or drink
  4. Arts, crafts, services (e.g. soap, local art, home-made craft, sharpening, engraving, portraits)

Stall Prices

Single 3×3 stall = $30
Double 3×6 stall = $45
Triple 3×9 Stall = $65

Expectations of stallholders

Albury Wodonga Farmers Market is all about farmers and producers of quality local fresh and home-made produce, ready-to-eat food and drink, arts, crafts and services.  Providence (where things come from) is critical to customers of farmers markets as is their ability to speak with you, their stallholder.

Stallholders agree to follow these rules of the market:

  • We expect everyone to be considerate, respectful, polite and friendly to each other and community
  • We expect fees paid in advance and in full
  • We expect the volunteer committee to be treated with respect and courtesy
  • All stallholders will follow the WHS rules of Victoria