The Authentic French Crepe

The Authentic French Crepe

We are Justine and Coco, passionate about cooking and discovering different food cultures around the world. We decided to bring a touch of french food to Albury through this wonderful farmers market. It’s the first time we’ve launched an activity as a self-employed entrepreneur. 

One of the key elements of French gastronomy, straight from the Brittany region, are the crepes! Regularly enjoyed in French households to satisfy the sweet cravings of both young and old, they are the perfect snack to treat yourself after a long week or to give yourself courage to start the day!

Made from local and fresh ingredients, using the expertise of our regions and the desire to share the very best with you. Lovingly handcrafted from fresh eggs, good milk, and flour, our crepes are little delights that you won’t find elsewhere, with a special secret recipe that gives them their smooth texture.

We offer various toppings, including our now renowned delicious salted butter caramel, the perfect match for your crepes ! We also have a 300ml Jar of this delicious elixir for those who like to enjoy it at home.

We’re looking for reviews on our crepes, and we’d love to hear what you like as a topping:don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

Last but not least… We are soon to provide you with gluten-free savoury crepes (We call that “Galette” in France)! 

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