Indigo Valley Lamb

Indigo Valley Lamb

Hello we are Paul and Suse Heard, proud owners and producers of Indigo Valley Lamb. 

We breed and lovingly raise South African Meat Merino (SAMM) lambs in lush pastures on our farm in the Indigo Valley in North East Victoria.  Our inspiration to establish Indigo Valley Lamb came when we realised just how hard it is to find good quality, delicious tasting lamb. 

We chose SAMM lambs due to their tendency to fatten more slowly, unlike commercially bred lambs which are designed to fatten rapidly ready for a quick sale.  The slow rate at which SAMM lambs mature allows the meat to develop more flavour and texture providing more meaty, flavoursome and delicious tasting lamb. ​

We handle our Lambs gently & believe low stress handling is a major contributor to the health and happiness of our Lambs. Our local butcher CC Quality Meats in Beechworth professionally butcher & package the Lamb into cryovac ready to sell at Farmers markets. This locally based, highly efficient process ensures the lamb is super fresh, making it even more tasty and delicious!

We are committed to farming sustainably allowing our lambs to graze freely to deliver delicious tasting Lamb from our paddock to your plate.

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Contact Details

Suse and Paul Heard

822 Chiltern Yackandandah Road, 3688

Suse 0417 057 859 & Paul 0417 016 353.

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