About the market

Our market has been operating since June 2002, originally at the Gateway Village, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga.

We are very proud that the person you buy from is either the farmer or the person who makes the value added produce.

When: Every Saturday from 8am to 12noon.

Due to upgrades at Hovell Tree Park – Albury our ongoing location is Gateway Village, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga until further notice.

Our aim as a farmer’s market is to

  • provide a friendly alternative to supermarket shopping
  • give our growers a fun place to sell to their community
  • provide ethical, high quality local and sustainable food
  • encourage our local people to eat seasonally
  • empower our community to move to local sustainable buying
  • build a resilient local community
  • connect our locals with food, where it comes from, what it is, what is natural and what is not
  • connect our people with the land

About Hume Murray Food Bowl

Hume Murray Food Bowl manages the Farmers’ Market and is a non profit incorporated association.

We’ve been in operation for over 18 years, becoming incorporated as an association in 2004. We are member run, led by a voluntary committee voted in by members.

The current committee as of 23 August 2020 are:

  • Please submit your application through our website only, please DO NOT submit via sms or Facebook Messenger
  • President - Frank
  • Vice-President - Steven
  • Secretary - Don
  • Treasurer - Glenn
  • General Member - Shannon
  • General Member - Florence